Brent Eldridge

Lead Pastor

25 words or less...

Describe your job...

I spend my time envisioning, praying, leading, thinking, learning, teaching, counseling, laughing, encouraging, getting psyched on great ideas and hanging out with my ministry pals.

Describe your family...

Kristin and I got married on June 15, 1996. Since then, we’ve added three additional people to the earth --- two amazing sons (Jake and Cooper) and our beautiful daughter (Jillian). My incredible wife owns a children’s photography business (

Describe a normal day...

Work days are best when they start with an early surf. From there, it’s a mix of meetings, strategizing with my team and preparing messages.

Describe your college years...

I graduated from The Master’s College in 1997 with a degree in Bible Exposition, then split my seminary time starting at Dallas Theological Seminary and finishing Trinity Theological Seminary, where I received my Master of Sacred Literature. All around, some of the best years of my LIFE!

Describe your life before you came to 1BL...

Before coming to 1BL, I was in Youth Ministry for 16 years (5 years of interning and 11 years full-time). I started here at 1BL in the Jr. High Ministry, and went on to spend the lion’s share of those years at churches in Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Choose One...

Beach or mountains?

Beach. Preferably sunny beaches. Sunny, clean, 85 degree beaches. With waves. And no crowds. Any ideas?

PC or Mac?

Mac. My first one was a SUPER cool laptop. It weighed 20 pounds, had an astounding “17 shades of gray” (i.e. didn’t have enough $ to get a color monitor) and half a gig of hard-drive space. My current phone has 64 times as much data space than that computer. Crazy.

Morning or Evening Person?

Hmm. Both. I love getting to things straight away, especially at the beach or the gym. I love coffee and breakfast…but ALSO love hanging with the fam and friends after work into the night!

Sports or arts?

Sports. Love them. Follow them. Play them. Talk about them. College…Pro…Olympics…whatever. (I like artists that own sports teams. Does that count?)

Creative or administrative?

Geez…not to be annoying again, but…BOTH! I love the process of dreaming up cool ideas…and equally enjoy putting a plan into action. I get to work with both kinds all day, so I dig both.

Italian Food or Mexican Food?

Italian. Pretty much guarantees that I’ll be eating with a fork. Classier restaurants. Prefer sauces over salsas. Brings out my inner Mob Boss. (uh, a “Christian” mob boss).



Most embarrassing moment:

Forgetting the last name of a groom when I was introducing he and his wife for the first time at the end of their wedding. They were “friends of friends” so I hadn’t known them long. Still sweat that part of a wedding every time. Recovered…but the damage was done.

One thing about the staff people don’t realize:

(I’ll assume you DO realize that they care for each other, take their ministry work seriously, love having fun, and make 1BL an incredible place to worship God and connect with others. You might not realize that…) Every single one of them has no more than six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

Favorite Color:


If you had to do one other job in a field outside of your own, what would it be:

I would be a trial lawyer.

Everyone should read:

Well, the Bible. AND…Chuck Swindoll’s Grace Awakening; A.W. Tozer’s Knowledge of the Holy; John Piper’s Desiring God; Donald Clifton’s How Full is Your Bucket; John Grisham’s The Testament; and Joel Rosenberg’s The Last Jihad Series.

Most played on your iPod right now:

Phil Wickham; Chris Tomlin; Coldplay; Jack Johnson…and more.

Brent Eldridge
562.420. x146